It-tnedija tal-Malta Centre u taħdita mill-Prof. Thomas Stolz

Fid-9 ta’ Frar, mill-5 sas-7 pm, fil-Kampus tal-Belt Valletta se titnieda l-fergħa lokali taċ-Ċentru tal-Ilsien Malti (Malta Centre) fi Bremen, il-Ġermanja. Fl-ewwel siegħa se nagħtu tagħrif fuq il-ħidma taċ-ċentru, u fit-tieni siegħa l-Prof. Stolz, mill-Università ta’ Bremen, se jagħti taħdita bl-isem Special Toponymic Grammar in Maltese and beyond. Inħeġġu lil dawk kollha li għandhom għal qalbhom il-lingwa u l-lingwistika Maltija biex jattendu. Narawkom!

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On the 9th of February, from 5 to 7 pm, an event is going to be held at the Valletta Campus to launch the local branch of the Malta Centre in Bremen, Germany.  During the first hour information will be given about the Malta Centre and during the second hour Prof. Stolz, from the University of Bremen, will give a talk entitled Special Toponymic Grammar in Maltese and Beyond. We encourage all those who are interested in Maltese linguistics to attend. See you there!

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Special Toponymic Grammar in Maltese and Beyond

Thomas Stolz

Maltese has a range of options on offer for expressing that someone is at a place or goes to a place. The number of possible choices is particularly high if the place is represented by a toponym (place name). In the talk, the richness of the Maltese system is presented and commented upon from the point of view of language typology. This means that the Maltese data are compared to those of a variety of other languages some of which are neither members of the same language family (Semitic) nor located in the geographic vicinity of Malta. This is done with a view to determining to what extent (if at all) the Maltese situation is special.

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