Il-Vjaġġ it-Tajjeb

Essential Maltese for ground and cabin crew
Thomas Pace & Michael Spagnol
(c) Department of Maltese, University of Malta, 2024

Welcome to this online bilingual phrasebook tailored for cabin and ground crew members. Whether you are soaring through the skies or ensuring smooth operations on the ground, effective communication is paramount in the aviation industry. This handy guide is designed to equip you with essential words and phrases in Maltese. From safety protocols to passenger assistance, this phrasebook is your go-to resource for communication in Maltese with passengers and colleagues.

This webpage is organized into eight sections, covering different aspects of cabin and ground crew duties: At the Airport, On the Aeorplane, Food and Drinks, Belongings, People, Assistance, Useful Phrases, and Questions. All the key words are conveniently listed at the back of the book, arranged alphabetically, from English to Maltese.

In addition to the webpage, which has sound clips for item, aiding in pronunciation and comprehension, in the link you can find a companion printed guidebook, you can find all the words and expressions featured online.

This resource is part of a series developed by the Department of Maltese at the University of Malta to facilitate language learning for various professionals as well as the general public. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced crew member, this phrasebook serves as your reliable companion for effective communication in Maltese in the world of aviation. Il-vjaġġ it-tajjeb!